Core business process
Electronic invoice
Sales invoice management system
Electronic invoice service platform
Open service platform
Old tax control equipment/Ukey disk array
Tax control middle platform
sales invoice management system
sales invoice management system includes five modules: order management, invoice management, statistical analysis, tax control management, and basic settings, which can realize the full life cycle management of invoices.
Electronic invoice service platform
Electronic invoice platform includes tax control server, signature server, layout file service and security agency service, and realizes the processing of issuing, printing, uploading and applying for invoices.
Open service platform
The open service platform provides standard API interfaces encapsulated by the front end, which can adapt to the processing of different business scenarios and greatly improve the efficiency of system integration and project implementation.
Old Tax control equipment/Ukey disk array
The old tax control server can support both TravelSky disk and Piovan disk, and the Ueky disk array can support the new tax control equipment tax Ukey. Before the policy is finally implemented, it will be used first These two methods complete the invoice issuance business processing.
Tax Control Center
The Tax Control Center can call different tax control core modules according to the different types of tax disks to realize the old tax Disk and new tax control compatible processing.